Invest into something real and solid

  • Bluengo is real and solid unlike other projects with nice powerpoint presentations but still being ideas, you can use it right now as a customer or as a merchant.
  • Bluengo is legally established and being operated from Spain. Spain is a highly regulated country (if not the most) country within the European Union. We have actively decided to not establish it in a tax haven according to our 1st value. We will not flee away.
  • Bluengo is capable of managing millions of products as of now, but with our technology we can scale to billions if needed.
  • Merchants love it : we've tested the platform in the past (closed alpha version) and we achieved a 90% conversion rate with those merchants who ask or agree to have a call to know more.
  • Customers will love it : your contribution will be towards increasing the platform popularity globally and get the buying customers used to use it.
  • We already know and have planned how to monetize the platform to become very profitable. Trust us, we have our homework done.

How to start?

At this moment we are looking for a crowdfunding based on NFT's.

We promise to pay to the holder address of the NFT the amount of net profits specified on the NFT itself annually or accumulate them for the next period until the payment makes sense in terms of law and economic viability.

You can get the official NFT's in OpenSea using the next button

Get Bluengo NFT's

Make sure you buy them from Bluengo and not from other sources.

Search products from around the globe

You can look for products and services from around the globe conveniently categorized for you.

Best price

Get the best price from the sellers by buying directly in their web shops.

Neutral listing algorithm

The products listings are built using neutral algorithms that do not penalize sellers by its size or origin and the boosted results are clearly marked.